Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Welcome to our blog!

Hi, Everyone. Welcome to our "blog". Okay, give me a break...I am new at this. I hope I can eventually catch up with the rest of you who are seasoned bloggers. I happened to go to the link Katie used for their blog and copied the holiday decorative page which she is also using. Sorry, Katie. Couldn't resist. You have good taste. What else can I say. Besides, the visitors to my blog will definitely be different than the ones to yours. That justifies it, right?

This will become much more informative as time goes on. For now, I just wanted to say hi and welcome you to our blog. Come back often to check out the updates. I promise to add some fun photos and stories about our family's happenings.

We love all of you and are grateful to know you!


Jake and Beth Forrey said...

YAY. except.... why did you have to post THAT family picture - seriously, remember that Steve & I didn't fit into those suits! :)

Steve & Katie said...

GREAT JOB! I actually changed my look yesterday because there were a few other blogs that I follow that also put the same backround as I did. I don't mind having the same backround but I like to change it regularly. It took me a long time to figure things out on this blog system. The old system was MUCH harder to use, but they updated it about 5 months ago which made it nice and simple. You will get the hang of it quick and be all set. We are excited to see your next post. BTW you can have these printed into books with the pictures included and all for a pretty reasonable price. We are going to have ours printed at the end of each year for a 'yearly journal' type thing.

Jennie said...

Hey nice blog Sister 4E! I can't wait to see you the next time I go home. Hope all is well.

StevenChristy said...

Hey I'm proud of you for blogging. Go check out our family blog and you can connect to the other family members. www.stevenchristydowning.blogspot.com I think you will really like Grandma and Pa Forrey's. Since you love the Twilight series I had fun making theirs to post old pictures on. I love your family fun to see all the joy.

Al Shirley McGinnis said...

Maribeth, great to have a blog and be able to read others. Thanks to Christy I have one and am able to keep up on this huge family. I love the pictures that have been posted on each site. What fun! Love you,